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1. Product Feature
1) Splice tray: Max. 12pcs, each 24cores

2) Cable port: 6pcs round port φ19.9mm, 1pc oval port 38x70mm for supporting cable entry without cutting. All cable ports are heat shrink sealing.

3) Waterproof: IP68

4) Wall-mounting, aerial hanger and pole holding

5) Material: high impact resistance PP materials with UV

* All functional indicators are in line with the national YD 814.1-2004 standard for distribution box.

* Four-in and four-out cable ports; there are 1 large and 6 small circular holes, which can enter and exit the Φ7~Φ19.9 optical cables.

* The outer box body is made of high-strength engineering plastics, It has features of light weight, high mechanical strength, anti aging, strong corrosion resistance, lightning resistance, and long service life.

* Stacked structure splice tray and independent insulation grounding device make the optical fiber core configuration, expansion and the cable grounding flexible, convenient and safe.

* The splice tray is equipped with splicing slots and a PLC splitter holder, which can be configured at any time according to the needs of direct or divergent connection.

2. Technical Index

* Fiber radius of curvature: ≥40mm

* Optical disk additional loss: ≤ 0.01dB

* Temperature Range: - 40°C ~ + 70°C

* Anti lateral pressure: ≥2000N / 10 cm

* Shock resistance: ≥20N.m

* Protection level: IP68


Splice trayFiber coreDimension(mm)Net weight(KG)
KXT-M-1012 trays,each 24 fibers288 fibersΦ267 × 527.53.31


 1. Cable installation

① Open the hole:Saw the entry ports as needed.

② Clean the cable sheath with cloth(about 1.8 meter)

③ Slide the cable into the box through the hole.

 2. Cable preparation

① Strip the cable sheath, clean the filing, cut the cable reinforced core at 75mm distance from the sheath cut;

② If a shielded cable is installed, leave a cable shielding layer of approximately 25mm x 25mm in the axial direction at the annular cutout of the cable and clamp the shielded cable;

③ Cut off the loose tube at 35mm from the annular section of the optical cable, remove the oil on the optical fiber bundle, put on the bare fiber protection tube.

④ Align the cable section and the base hole end, insert the reinforced core into the fixing hole, squeeze it with a nut and cut off the excess;

⑤ If shield wire is used to connect 2 cables, the cables should be paired together according to the outlet order.

3. Oval hole sealing

① Wipe the elliptical surface and cable sheath with a clean piece of paper or cloth to a distance of 100mm from the edge of the hole;

② Rough the elliptical surface and cable sheath with sand paper, clean them with cloth;

③ Put on the elliptical heat shrinkable tube, and mark the optic cable on the end of the tube;

④ make the 2nd mark on the cable at 5mm from the 1st marker;

⑤ Wrap the cable with warm aluminum paper from the 2nd mark;

⑥ When install the 2nd cable, allocate the heat shrinkable tube according to the cable size, insert the branch card (note: all the branch cards should be fully inserted into the heat shrink tube)

⑦ Heat the heat shrink tube with a torch so that it shrinks all over the holder and cable, then heat the clips on both sides until the hot melt flows out of the two cables.

4. Optic Cable installation

① Each splice tray holds a maximum of 16 fibers, and holds up to 2 bare fiber protection tubes on each side of the tray, marking each tube at a 15mm distance from the edge of the splice tray;

② Carefully cut off the extra protection tube at the mark and secure the tube to the tray with a strap.

5. Optical fiber connection and storage 

① Connect the corresponding fibers as needed;

② Clip the fiber joint in the slot of the splice tray, coiled the remaining fiber in the tray;

③ Check if all fibers are intact, then cover the transparent lid and fix it to the splice tray.

6. The box installation

Place the box cover on the box base. Make sure that the elliptical hole of the box base is aligned with the arrow marked on the box cover. Use the lock ring to lock the box lid and the box base together.

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